“Souls of bygone youth and freedom invite us to pay homage to this life.”
With the release of Li Ronghao’s seventh solo album, “FREE SOUL”, the brand-new “Li Ronghao World Tour” began in 2023. This long-awaited tour, carrying the wishes and expectations of the New Year, will arrive as scheduled.
Since the first “Born Li Ronghao” tour, Li Ronghao and his production team have always paid attention meticulously to stage effect to surprise fans.
In 2023, with this new tour in mind, considerable efforts have been made.
Using the very latest technology, this show presents an innovative visual feast to the fans.
As musical director of this tour, Li Ronghao has carefully selected the songs to be performed, and rearranged them in an original way. In addition to songs from his new album “Free Soul”, which will be performed live on stage for the first time on this tour, classic songs will also be heard.
From “Born Li Ronghao” to “an Ideal”, “Young and Promising”, “Sparrow”, right up to the brand-new “Free Soul” tour in 2023, each tour interprets Li Ronghao’s ideas at different stages of his life. After a three-year absence, all feelings will come together as the curtain rises.

Paris France 24 MAR 2024 Palais des Congrès de Paris
London UK 27 MAR 2024 OVO Arena Wembley