ASMeiR 2024 World Tour Concert · London Station

The reigning queen of the Chinese pop music scene, A-Mei Zhang, is set to kick off a new wave of music sensation at the eagerly anticipated “ASMeiR 2024 World Tour Concert – London Station” on the evening of April 10th, at the OVO Arena Wembley in London.
The London Station will also be A-Mei Zhang’s only performance in Europe. Over the years, A-Mei Zhang has become renowned in the Chinese music industry for her superb vocal skills and distinctive tone. Her powerful voice seems to penetrate the hearts of fans, providing them with an unparalleled musical experience. In addition, her on-stage performances are outstanding, showcasing not only a stable live vocal performance but also exuding a charming stage presence, earning her the title of a “hall-of-fame female singer.“
Her concerts are always crafted to the highest standards, with each performance delivering a visually and sonically stunning experience that leaves the audience immersed in a captivating musical world. In 2023, her world tour spanned China, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the United States, living up to her international superstar status. Tickets for the “ASMeiR World Tour Concert” sold out quickly wherever it went, underscoring her extraordinary allure.
The London Station concert will be A-Mei Zhang’s only performance in Europe, making it a must-see event for her fans. Fans can expect to be deeply captivated by A-Mei’s ballads and powerful songs. Against the backdrop of lights and stage aesthetics, they will immerse themselves in a memorable night of music, enjoying several classic hits.

London UK 10 APR 2024 OVO Arena Wembley