Service Content

Business Project

GROUPAL has forged profound strategic partnerships with leading brands in various fields in Europe, customizing and successfully implementing highly personalized events for them. Our services encompass a diverse range of event types, including product launches, roadshows, appreciation banquets, large-scale exhibitions, providing comprehensive brand promotion and marketing support to our clients.

We cover a wide range of industries, including technology, automotive, fashion, gourmet and so on. We have established deep and solid partnerships with outstanding brands such as Huawei, Honor, fashion brand INTERDEE, and high-end gourmet brand Le Notre.

We take pride in being able to provide clients with a unique and outstanding brand experience, helping them stand out in the fiercely competitive market.

Music Concert

GROUPAL is a leading concert organizer in Europe, boasting over 10 years of operational experience in commercial performances and known for its professional, meticulous, and efficient execution. We are committed to bringing the highest quality concerts to the European market, aiming to be an industry leader. From pre-event preparation, promotional marketing to artist team reception, and backstage execution, we meticulously handle every detail to ensure the smooth progress of each event.

Over the years, we have successfully organized a series of highly acclaimed concerts in Europe for numerous stars, including Jacky Cheung, Mayday, Eason Chan, Jonathan Lee, and Rene Liu. Thanks to our professional and outstanding performance, we have earned high praise from artist teams, setting a benchmark in the industry.

Entertainment Project

GROUPAL has actively participated in various film and entertainment projects, contributing to their successful landing in Europe. We have successfully planned and promoted numerous high-quality films, such as “Wandering Earth 2,” achieving successful screenings and promotional campaigns in over ten cities across France. Additionally, we have undertaken and successfully hosted several film festival presentations and traditional Chinese performing arts events, including Guo Degang’s 30th-anniversary European tour and a Chinese Opera Night.

We are actively involved in large-scale entertainment and television programs, including the second season of “Chinese Restaurant,” “If You Are the One,” and proudly participated in the production of the Hunan TV France Spring Festival Gala. Through these diverse and vibrant projects, we have not only achieved significant success in the European market but also contributed positively to cultural exchange and the prosperity of the entertainment industry both locally and internationally.

Government, Economic, Cultural, and Tourism Projects

Over the years, GROUPAL has maintained close collaboration with various governments and organizations in both China and Europe, establishing a strong network of relationships in Europe.

We are honored to have organized numerous government-level Sino-European cultural exchange events and economic forums, including the UNESCO Scientific and Cultural Forum and Banquet, the Maritime Silk Road Concert, as well as various international art foundation calligraphy and painting exhibitions.

We have also organized various celebration ceremonies for financial institutions, international innovation summits, and corporate acquisition projects, playing an active role in promoting international cooperation and fostering business development.