ASMeiR 2024 World Tour Concert

Miserable Faith
「The World Will Be Better²」UK/EUROPE Tour

Dance Drama, “Wing Chun”
2024 Europe Tour

Company Profile

GROUPAL is located in Paris, France, and is an internationally-focused PR planning company. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional PR planning and event execution services between China and Europe for clients across various sectors. Since 2013, we have continuously combined Chinese and Western cultures and market characteristics to showcase the strength and charm of renowned brands, international artists, Chinese-language film and television, as well as government and organization on the world stage, leading the direction of events in the business and cultural fields.

Key Service

GROUPAL’s service is divided into four major segments: Business Project, Music Concert, Entertainment Projetct, and Economic & Cultural Projects. This showcases our diversified capabilities and excellent operational skills in different fields.

Collaborating Organizations

We sincerely appreciate the dedicated support and unwavering trust from our cooperative partners. Through our collective efforts, we have been able to grow and develop continuously, and we look forward to continuing to work together to create an even more promising and collaborative future.

Service Process


GROUPAL’s business in Europe spans across more than 20 countries, showcasing strong regional coverage and deep market penetration. We have established a powerful network of relationships in Europe, forging close and stable partnerships with local collaborators, clients, and key stakeholders in the industry. This has laid a solid foundation for our significant achievements in Europe.

Selected Projects

We are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and accurate services, crafting unique and unforgettable experiences, and presenting cutting-edge cases that lead the era.