Miserable Faith「The World Will Be Better²」UK/EUROPE Tour

In pursuit of true freedom and using music as their language, Miserable Faith, a band born for rock, consistently upholds the idea that the process is far more important than the outcome.
Following their 2023 North American tour “The World Will Be Better²”, Miserable Faith’s overseas tour of Europe and the UK for “The World Will Be Better²” began in April 2024. This time, the band will visit London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam, using the medium of music to explore the shining stars…
In the ‘100 City Tour’ of 2017, Miserable Faith was invigorated by the valour of the Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. during their London visit, which led to the creation of ‘Wolves Ay We’ as a promotion gift for the Wolves. This time, Miserable Faith will once again journey to London to honour a 7-year-old romantic promise. They are also set to travel to Berlin to absorb the meticulous logic of German music and to the romantic streets of Paris to experience the troubadours’ performances…
This April 2024, travel with Miserable Faith on their European journey to fulfil a promise of romance.

Madrid Spain 9 APR 2024 Shoko Madrid
Berlin Germany 14 APR 2024 SO36
Paris France 16 APR 2024 Les Étoiles
Amsterdam Netherlands 18 APR 2024 Panama
London UK 21 APR 2024 Indigo at The 02