JAREL ZHANG Fashion Show at Milan FW 2024 Fall/Winter Collection

Date: February 25, 2024
Location: Circolo Filologico Milanese, Milan, Italy

Project Overview:
At the invitation of Milan Fashion Week officials, GROUPAL once again collaborated with the emerging designer brand JAREL ZHANG to shine brightly. We began setting up on-site from four in the morning, with seamless coordination from the audio-visual team, active collaboration from the makeup and hairstyling team, and high-end fashion dancers passionately performing. In a new format, we seamlessly integrated the brand’s style with music, light, and dance, presenting the designer’s triple imaginative vision sparked by a meteorite falling to Earth. We managed all aspects of this presentation, from planning to venue selection, from early casting and music preparations to on-site team arrangements and scheduling. GROUPAL delivered a flawless performance for this event.

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