Mayday “Fly to 2023” World Tour Concert

Artist: Mayday
Date: November 28, 2023 / December 1, 2023 / December 7, 2023
Location: London, United Kingdom – O2 Arena / Berlin, Germany – Verti Music Hall / Paris, France – Accor Arena

Project Overview:
After five years, GROUPAL once again invites the influential and impactful rock band Mayday from the Chinese music industry to Europe. Starting as an online LIVE concert, Mayday’s “Fly to 2023” has evolved into offline concerts, and now, after crossing the screen dimension, Mayday has finally arrived in Europe, kicking off the final three stops of their global tour. After extensive preparations, we successfully planned the significant events of Mayday’s European tour at three iconic LIVE performance venues: O2 Arena in London, Verti Music Hall in Berlin, and Accor Arena in Paris. From venue rental to concert execution, from the reception of nearly a hundred team members to stage setup, spanning over half a month and three countries, multiple teams from GROUPAL collaborated to present three spectacular performances to the European audience.

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