Yino Art Fund Art China One Belt One Road Exhibition – Paris Station

Client: Yino Art Fund
Date: November 8th, 2017
Location: Nobel Residence, Paris, France
Soluxe Paris FRANCE

Project Overview:
On November 28th, 2017, GROUPAL organized the Yino Art Fund’s “Art China One Belt One Road Exhibition – Paris Station” at the Nobel Residence in France, marking a grand opening. The event showcased 40 outstanding artworks by renowned artists, captivating the audience with its splendor. With the collaborative efforts of various sectors and co-organizing teams, the opening ceremony concluded successfully. The Yino Art Incubation Fund is established specifically for projects in the field of art, with a total fund size of 100 million RMB. The fund aims to discover, nurture, and support 100 artists while promoting and publicizing their works. Supervised by the International Art Fund, the fund’s registration and regulation aim to address concerns of artists, providing them with the assurance to fully devote themselves to artistic creation.

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