2022 Dahua Technology Brand Day

Customer: Dahua Technology
Date: October 20, 2022
Location: Versailles Palais des Congrès, France

Project Overview:
GROUPAL, meticulously planned and executed Dahua Technology’s annual brand day event in 2022. From site selection, planning, setup, reception, materials, to the cocktail party, we carefully arranged every step, creating an unforgettable feast for clients and partners from various European countries. The event took place at the Versailles Palais des Congrès, just opposite the Palace of Versailles in Paris. We conducted multiple screenings and on-site inspections based on the exhibition scale, number of participants, and other requirements, ensuring the success of the event. We worked closely with the client’s technical and project teams, jointly formulating a detailed exhibition setup plan, including product installation, booth design, guest visit routes, and other details. The evening banquet was meticulously designed, with carefully arranged elements such as the cocktail party, live band, DJ, cake cutting, pushing the atmosphere of the event to its peak. The client highly praised the entire planning process and the final outcome.

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