Dahua Partner Day 2023

Client: Dahua Technology
Date: October 17, 2023
Location: Ibiza Congress Center, Spain

Project Overview:
Following the success of Dahua Technology’s 500-person Brand Day event in 2022, GROUPAL once again took full responsibility for planning and executing Dahua Technology’s annual Partner Day 2023 in Europe. The event included site selection, planning, setup, reception, materials, and a cocktail party, covering all aspects of the process. With over 450 participants on the day of the event, we carefully selected and inspected locations, taking into account the scale of the exhibition, the number of participants, the content of the event, regional preferences, and client preferences. After multiple screenings and on-site visits, we ultimately chose Ibiza, the famous electronic music island in Spain, presenting a tasteful feast for clients and partners from various European countries. Amidst the sea and forests, we jointly witnessed Dahua’s important annual moment.

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