Sunset Rollercoaster European Tour – Paris Stop

Artist: Sunset Rollercoaster
Date: June 19, 2019
Location: Maroquinerie LIVE HOUSE, Paris, France

Project Overview:
On June 19, 2019, organized by GROUPAL, Sunset Rollercoaster and their fans in Paris shared a mesmerizing and romantic night of music. Established in Taiwan in 2011, this band has traversed various musical styles, from electronic music to the retro new wave of the 80s, eventually developing its own unique musical identity. Throughout their journey, Sunset Rollercoaster has been invited to numerous music festivals, and their rise to fame started with a small group of people, quickly spreading across social circles at an astonishing speed. With the support of our team, Sunset Rollercoaster made their second visit to Paris, completing a crucial segment of their European tour and creating memorable moments with their fans.

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