UNESCO World Water Day and Tan Dun’s “Water” Concert

Client: UNESCO
Date: March 22nd, 2015
Location: UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

Project Overview:
On the evening of March 22nd, 2015, UNESCO organized a unique concert at its headquarters in Paris to commemorate World Water Day. Renowned Chinese composer and conductor Tan Dun, the first Chinese artist appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador by UNESCO, conducted the Dutch Symphony Orchestra to perform the “Water Concerto” during this event. This marked his third world tour concert series focusing on the theme of water conservation, following successful performances in Shanghai, China in 2010, and New York City, USA in 2012. Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO, appointed Tan Dun as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO, recognizing him as an important advocate for water resource conservation within the artistic community. Tan Dun, drawing inspiration from water as a muse, a stage, and a belief, composed works presented in the form of “architectural music,” engaging in a musical dialogue to explore the profound philosophical connections between water and humanity. GROUPAL undertook the reception banquet and co-organized public relations efforts for this concert, receiving high praise and commendation from UNESCO officials and Mr. Tan Dun himself.

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